Time Is The Slaughterhouse Of The Universe

"Le temps est le boucher de l'univers" (Luxemburger Wort, 6 August 2004)

For this event, David Russon hand-painted two monumental pieces, each around 6 m high and 11 m wide (approx. 20 ft x 36 ft). The images were first painted onto paper in a palette limited to ten colors, using a grid of squares measuring 2.4 cm x 2.4 cm (1 in. x 1 in.). The painted paper was then pasted onto the walls of the space to create the images.

The title of this piece had been directly suggested to Russon, or so he felt, by musician Lydia Lunch. During the three months it took to paint the images, Russon had attended an intimate concert by the singer who at one point during the performance screamed the line "time is the slaughterhouse of the universe" while looking straight into Russon's eyes.

opening night:

painting about 230,000 pixels:



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